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Meals on Wheels

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MOW are nutritious meals that are delivered to homebound seniors age 60 or older. The drivers who deliver the meals make daily contact and check on the well-being of seniors they visit. The drivers report any health or other problems they see during their visits.  

Every month 7,000 home delivered  meals are prepared, packed up and rolled out to seniors across Peabody.  North Shore Elder Services works hard to develop a variety of nutritious and tasty meals ranging from stuffed shells to fish with dill sauce.  

Did you know we serve approximately 100,000 meals per year?

Carolyn Wynn, Director Edward A Bettencourt Jr, Mayor


To be eligible for Meals on Wheels, you must be a senior age 60 or over, homebound, and unable to cook your own meals at home.

There are no income limits or citizenship requirements for these programs.


Meals on Wheels drivers deliver one hot meal per day, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. In some cases, they will also deliver two cold box meals or frozen meals that you can heat up in a microwave for the weekend.

Wellness Check

Meals on Wheels drivers visit with meal recipients and check on their well-being. They report on any problems they see during their visits, such as a need for housekeeping help or home repairs.


There is a suggested donation of $3.00 per meal. You can give the donation when you receive the meals or you can make a monthly contribution. Monthly contributions can also be made by family members who wish to make the donation for you.


All meals are developed by a nutritionist and satisfy one-third of daily nutritional requirements.

In addition to the standard menu, specialty meals are offered, such as cardiac or pureed.

How Long?

You can get Meals on Wheels for as long as you want if you are a homebound senior and cannot make your own meals. However, if you get Meals on Wheels because you are ill and then you get better and are able to cook on your own or visit a Dining Center, you will no longer be eligible.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for Meals on Wheels, call North Shore Elder Services:


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